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Welcome To Japanese Used Car Trade!!
Purchase a used car from general users of Japan, we sell.
Our stock car is a car with a certificate of inspection issued by all certified appraiser.
Because there is not any such spurious history of accidents or rewind the meter, the vehicle becomes the quality of the car is guaranteed
We also assess, we are significantly reducing the useless intermediate cost to purchase directly from your car customers, it sells directly.
It is a system which can be purchased at low cost car good quality.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us!

The car, can I really trust?

Export professional trader sells buys the car from the auction basically. Some skill in the art to which disguise the auction sheet thing you have to rewind the meter from purchase, some.
In order aims to work with the trust to our customers, we do not lie all the data of the vehicle vehicle accident calendar! It ships by appraisal that issued a certified appraiser to all Stock Car


How to Buy

I have published a trade car view all Stock Car of us, so we have prepared a system to be able to buy with confidence in the one of the first purchase, please see here for details. In addition, payment by Paypal also because it is possible, please contact us.Stock List Mail Information




New Cars Up load!

We are looking for sole proprietors and buyers that can directly deal of car. We are Hoping I could help you in the business world! Please feel free to inquire.

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